4 summer hair color ideas you can rock well into fall

08 Sep 2022

Don’t underestimate the power a hairstyle can have on your mood.

On those days when you’re feeling sad, lost, or even just bored – 

New hair might not solve all your problems, but I sure don’t know anyone who was unhappy to see their gorgeous new-hair reflection in the mirror. 

The key to being satisfied with the outcome is setting an intention and understanding the feeling you’re chasing when you decide to change your hair. 

So when you find yourself searching for an article like this one, it’s not a bad idea to ask yourself why

Did you just finish an important chapter in your life or are you celebrating a new beginning?  

Are you soul-searching and trying to find the version of yourself that best suits your current context?

Or is it something a little less loaded like simply honoring the Leo season and wanting to feel like the it-girl? 

Whatever it may be that brought you here, we’ve got you covered – 

These trending hair color ideas we’ve seen this summer can be used for any mood. 

And the best part is, these trends aren’t going anywhere, so you can rock them well into fall. 

Based on the expert advice of 

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For a new whimsical you: y2k highlights

Gen Z and Euphoria have brought back something most Millennials probably didn’t see coming,

The Y2K style – in clothes, makeup, and now, hair as well. 

And since, judging by its scale, this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, you can definitely try it now and keep rocking it well into fall, varying between summer-flirty and fall-mysterious. 

Y2K highlights are exactly what they sound like –

Chunky, prominent statement highlights that complete your Y2K aesthetic.

Except, unlike back in 2000, the modernized version of these highlights is more versatile and doesn’t restrict you as to where exactly on your hair you place them. 

So instead of measuring the exact distance between each highlight like you would a dozen years back, go nuts –

Place two right in the back or one right in the middle, the placement is really up to you.

Suntouched tip: to achieve this bold look, divide your hair into bigger sections and only apply Suntouched to a few chunky streaks. If you want the highlights to be barely different from your base color, stop using and let your hair grow out after a couple of uses. However, if you want a more prominent result, keep applying Suntouched with every wash until you see the desired shade.

Same trend, different take: colorful money pieces

The money pieces trend, aka a more specifically-placed cousin of Y2K highlights, involves highlighting your only the face-framing section of your hair.  

As you may have already seen, money pieces can be elegant and chic as worn by Hailey Bieber or cheeky and striking as proven by Dua Lipa. 

And as most trends tend to, this one evolved since its emergence last year, and now also offers the option of adding color. 

Mermaid purple, hot pink, or fiery red – 

Whatever color you decide on, you can adapt it to be appro for hopeful summer nights or chilly fall evenings. 

Suntouched tip: with the Suntouched lightening sprays, you can lift your natural or dyed base color up to 3 shades lighter without having to use bleach. When you reach the desired shade, use a color depositing toner on your money pieces to create a unique look.

Natural, the opposite of boring: expensive brunette 

Remember that iconic moment at the 2022 Grammys when Hailey Bieber appeared with her new silky cappuccino locks?

Before that appearance she seemed to have been committed to keeping her hair light, so going back to her natural brown – with just a few strategically placed caramel babylights – definitely felt like a statement.  

And sure enough, after that appearance, both celebrities and off-red-carpet gals like you and I caught on and turned it into a trend. 

Today, you can request it at a salon or Google to implement at home as “expensive brunette”. 

The idea behind this trend is to give the darker hair colors the love and appreciation they deserve by making them more vivid and giving them more dimension.

What that means in practice is shaking up your regular “flat” dark with a strategic mix of different but subtle shades – including caramel, latte, milk chocolate, and richer coffee hues. 

Suntouched tip: If you’re looking to give your dark shade a bit more dimension and flair, Suntouched is the perfect option for that! Just wash and condition as usual, then spray our Suntouched Hair Lightener for Dark Hair liberally – both on the tips and all over your hair. Then brush through and chill in the sun or use a hair dryer on low to activate the lightening formula. 

Warm disposition: oaty, wheaty, and golden blondes

As predicted by New York-based colorist Jan-Marie Lozada back in December 2021, celebrities have been putting a lot of warmth in their hair this summer – and it only promises to continue well into fall. 

Adding warmness – whether to your blonde or dark hair – gives it dimension and a richer feel, resulting in a overall more captivating look. 

Use different warm hues in the remaining days of summer and the upcoming fall to match your aesthetic, as well as makeup and outfit shades you’re planning to sport each season.

Suntouched tip: Suntouched hair lighteners are perfect for a warm natural look – both for blonde and dark hair. To achieve a deeper and more even color, keep reapplying with every wash until you see the desired result. 

Whatever hair color you decide to go with, remember that following trends isn’t always the right choice – Because keeping up with trends can often steer in the direction of keeping up appearances, especially in our Instagram-obsessed age.

So instead, when you’re deciding on your style, focus on what feels organic, makes you comfortable in your own skin, and leaves you happy about your reflection in the mirror. 

For all your hair experiments, try the Suntouched natural bleach-free products, suitable for light and dark hair, natural and previously dyed, straight and curly hair.  


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