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Whether navigating urban hustle or cherishing quiet moments of self-reflection, Suntouched is by your side, celebrating you in every shade of your journey.

Say goodbye to long salon waits and embrace the simplicity of Suntouched's eco-conscious beauty. We're more than hair care; we're a statement for sustainable choices and genuine self-love.

Join the Suntouched experience. With every spray, honor your authentic beauty and choose a path that cherishes our planet.

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The Sunseeker Way: Daily Rituals for Your Best Life

Step into the Sunseeker Way, a 21-day path towards intentional living. With every Suntouched purchase, immerse yourself in this course aimed at refining your daily habits to match your dreams. Enhance your space and cultivate a harmonious body and mind. Under the guidance of Suntouched's founder & CEO, gain actionable steps for personal growth, a clear plan for ongoing progress, and join a community of dedicated Sunseekers journeying alongside you. Start your transformative experience today!

All-Season Self-Care for All Hair

Your time, your health, your footprint, your essence – we value it all. That’s why our formulas are designed to deeply nourish all hair types, no matter the season.

Leave behind harsh chemicals, lengthy appointments, and patchy roots with clean, conscious, low-maintenance hair care for your day-to-day. Choose our light or dark formulas to complement your current shade, or mix and match to keep things interesting.


Find the best personalized Sunseeker routine for you

Colour & Care That Go Far Beyond Salons

Experience hassle-free beauty with Suntouched. Our gentle, natural formulas save you time, money, and the environment. Say goodbye to hair frustrations like split ends, dandruff, breakage, and greasiness. With Suntouched, you save 12 hours and $1000 annually compared to salon visits. Embrace a nourishing routine for effortless, head-turning looks.

Clean Strandard:
  • Plant-based ingredients

  • Eco-friendly sourcing

  • Free of parabens, ammonia, sulphates.

Infused With Care
  • Antioxidative

  • Strengthens hair strands

  • Daily hair nutrition & nourishment

  • Made with botanical extracts

  • Sustainable ingredients, consumption, & packaging-reuse

  • Proud 1% For The Planet member

  • Plastic & carbon-neutral

Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • 100% vegan ingredients

  • Never tested on animals


Our goal? To kindle the light within 1 million Sunseekers so that they can thrive in their daily pursuit of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

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In love

Exactly what I was looking for!
I have been searching for an easy way to lighten my hair back to my summer blonde and Suntouched is exactly what I needed! It’s so easy and works exactly as it’s advertised. After 4-5 applications it looks amazing!


Happy with how it’s working for my hair

I have natural red hair with some balayage highlights in the ends. When I went to my last salon visit they accidentally toned it too dark and this covered the highlights sadly. I’ve used suntouched lightener for 5 applications now and am impressed. It has lifted off the toner and revealed my highlights again. It has also been lightening my natural hair to a more strawberry shade which is quite pretty. My hair does feel dry when it’s in but once washed out again it’s back to its normal. So yes I will be repurchasing and continuing to go lighter. I’ve tried it both using a hair dryer and in the sun and both work well. I’m getting a natural result. So I’m happy

Best Friend Bundle
Best Friend Bundle $58.00



I recommend
So impressed by the result, my hair are lighter than before and the result is visible quikly (in a week).

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