Suntouched Dark Hair Lightener

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Customer Reviews

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Impressive! I wasn't sure before buying it, but I am actually so happy I gave it a try. Also, it works better with dry hair (for myself) and using it in the sun. Really lovely results and supernatural. Very worth it.


give a nice color and don’t damage the hair (:
love it

Excellent Color Change

It only took one time for me to drastically change my shade from black to golden brown!!!! Love it more than any hair salon work, the results are amazing! I'm so glad to have found this amazing product~ no more trips to the salon for awhile now. Thank you!


I truly love this! I bought 1 bottle for my dark hair (I'm asian), long hair through fb ad, skeptic but I used it and sprayed generously then blow dry my hair. The next day my hair started to change color and the second day, it changes to brown color which I was so so happy. I havelong hair to the mid of my back and it took me 3 spray for the bottle (I wish it's bigger) but because I really really like it so I bought 2 more bottles. Total I sprayed around 7 times, and now my hair is completely BROWNNNN like brunette but lighter. So stunning, save a lot of money go to hair salon! Def recommend!

Kyungmin Kim
2 bottles! Dark ash brown to light brown!

I love how it’s so easy and rapidly affects my hair colors. I have about dark ash brown hair(shade 6-7) and i used two bottles of dark hair lightener, and it just works perfectly. If I want to make my hair even lighter to blonde, should I use the light hair lightener?