Lighten & Tone Dark Bundle

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Customer Reviews

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I have curly hair and was worried about damage but I haven't noticed any damage- just blonde curls! Love that I don’t have to spend $$$$$$$ at a salon and it’s a great excuse to spend more time in the sun

Raquel Laconca
It actually works!

I confess I was skeptical whether this product would work or not but after the first application I could already see the results! I’ve used three times already, always with a minimal amount so that the lightening is gradual and I LOVE the results. I felt no dryness in my hair, actually it felt smoother after the application. I DEFINITELY recommend and will be buying my next bottle!
One cautious note: in my first application I used my hands to spread the product and felt a mild tingling in my skin. I obviously was more careful with the subsequent applications and my skin was fine!

Harpreet Sidhu
Fabulous product!

Love this product! I can definitely see the difference and I love that I did not have to dye my hair to achieve this :)

Lighter color for the summer ☀️

I have a dark brown almost black and thick Asian hair. I used to do balayage for years and it worsened quality of my hair. I’m sick of dark hair now and want to go lighter for the summer. Very happy with the results after using only one bottle of Suntouched. I am about to start a second one with toning mask to neutralize the orangy tone. I’d say my hair was slightly dry with the spay on but after washing it off it felt normal with no damage. I definitely would recommend this product.

It works!

Lightening happens almost instantly! Has a red/copper tinge to it but I don't mind. Have used it three times in a week and look forward to seeing further developments in colour. The blue toner mask is thick and hydrating.