Summer state of mind

Suntouched is an effortless approach to hair lightening treatments. We’ve developed a way to hold onto sunkissed summer hair year round with clean and hydrating hair
lightening sprays. For Suntouched, summer isn’t a season, it's a state of mind.

Meet our founder

Our founder, Charlotte's
inspiration for Suntouched began in Crete, Greece. She loved seeing the natural brightening effect the sun had on her friends and herself; bringing out everyone's natural beauty and appreciation for life. She returned to Canada with a desire to bring this “sunshine in a bottle” to the world.

Suntouched was born out of the vision to create a
range of effective, clean, sustainable lightening sprays and toners for all hair types and shades. Today, Suntouched allows customers to feel like their summer selves year round.

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What we believe in