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How to use?

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1. Spray

Spray on wet or dry hair until hair is damp with the product, comb through for an even application.

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2. Heat

Bask in the sun for natural lightening, or heat hair with your blowdryer for a few minutes. Move ahead to the day’s adventures and watch as the results gradually appear in a few hours. The full results will come to life overnight. No rinsing required. Results may vary.

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3. Repeat

Repeat until reaching the desired level of lightness. Wait a couple of days between each application. Enjoy your results & share them with us on IG @suntouched!

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Whatever your best hair day means to you, our formulas can take you there. Look below to find a Sunseeker with similar hair to yours for a glimpse into your future results.

Whatever your best hair day means to you, our formulas can take you there. Look below to find a Sunseeker with similar hair to yours for a glimpse into your future results.

Whatever your best hair day means to you, our formulas can take you there. Look below to find a Sunseeker with similar hair to yours for a glimpse into your future results.

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Our goal? To empower 1 million Sunseekers worldwide to embrace their natural beauty, reclaim their time, and ignite their wellness journey through self-care rituals and freedom from traditional beauty norms.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews

It's the second time I've bought this product, and I can only say it's love at first sight. when I got it last year I thought it would ruin my hair or that it wouldn't work as I had seen from the videos, but since I wanted an immediate result to lighten my dull natural blonde I opted for this product. My hair is lighter as I wanted it and above all it doesn't damage it. IN LOVE


Love this! I've been using this well over a year, and my hair is healthier than it's ever been!

Gabriel Païno
Works and without orange tones !

A bit of context for my case: I’m a natural blonde whose hair darkened during the teenage years. As a child I had a golden very light blonde but over time it turned light brown and even medium brown in winter. I live in Cannes, France so every summer I would get my highlights thanks to the sun and salted water from the sea.

But ever since I lost my blonde I have been trying to recover it. As I have virgin hair and want to keep them clean and chemical free I tried natural ways to lighten hair such as chamomile, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, honey… and not one method satisfied me with the results.

Desperate, I sought help from a hairdresser who told me that only lightening sprays really would help me recover my blonde without too much damage. I tried a lot of sprays such as Nordic Blonde from Schwarzkopf, Okara from Rene Furterer, Go Blonder for John Frieda or the chamomile spray from Klorane. Only Nordic Blonde gave me results but it was a strawberry blonde with a lot of orange tones.

I kept searching and found this brand. And after seeing the before/after photos and doing some research on the site I was excited to try this, as a lot of reviews bragged about how it turned hair blonde and not orange I told myself « let’s do it what have I got to lose? »

I bought 2 bottles of the light hair version and tried twice at home but without heat or sun. I did get results but they were very subtle. Today I had the day for myself and it was one of those beautiful sunny days like you could imagine in the south of France : very hot and sunny. I went to the beach for 5h30 with one and only one goal: try this suntouched lightening spray everyone was praising. AND WHAT CAN I SAY? IT’S MIRACULOUS !!

Practically all my brassy hair has been replaced with golden or light blonde hair. To be clear I washed my hair this morning, went to the beach at 11:30, put my hair in the salted water, towel dried them until damp, sprayed about a fifth of the bottle all over them, combed them, put some more product (just to be sure 😂) and let it sit until 17:00. I did put more product as time went by (every 45 min) because I wanted it to work so bad lmao. At the end of the day I had used half of the bottle and my hair lightened at least 1 shade. IN JUST ONE APPLICATION !! I recommend it to every desperate natural blonde whose hair darkened, this is your savior !! I’m so glad I gave this a try, I’m addicted to it and will never stop it !! Just keep in mind that it’s good to moisturize your hair after using this so there’s no frizzy hair, even if the hair quality is very good after. CONCLUSION: NO ORANGE TONES, FAST RESULSTS, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, CRUELTY FREE, DON’T HESITATE !!! Thank you Suntouched !!

Kaycee Schultz
Natural Quick Lightener

I’ve only used it a couple times, but my hair has definitely lightened a couple shades: can’t wait to see what this will do over a long weekend in the sun.


A great way to subtly and gently lighten hair to give it that sun kissed look.


I used suntouch to get back to my natural color after a stint with henna faded and left my hair darker brown. I’m naturally auburn and suntouched with a diffuser brought the red back to my hair. I’ll use it again once the summer comes for highlights.


It works and it’s gentle.