Expert advice on how to heal and soften your dry hair

Expert advice on how to heal and soften your dry hair

There are already so many factors that can stop us from experiencing life to the fullest –

That we think it’d be unfair for your dry hair should be one as well. 

When you’re afraid to hurt your weak brittle strands, you may stop experimenting with hairstyles, avoid spending time out in the oh-so-damaging sun, or even say goodbye to diving into the salty ocean water. 

So we’re here to put a stop to it. 

We’ve gone through what hair experts say about caring for naturally dry hair and broke it down into 4 essential tips. 

Based on the expert beauty advice from 

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Better ingredients – better hair

Ditch the products that contain sulfates, parabens, and ammonia

It’s really that simple – 

To get better results, you need better, gentler, more nourishing ingredients. 

Any products that use harsh cleansing elements like sulfates are truly a nightmare for a dry scalp because they strip it off the oils your scalp uses to moisturize your hair. 

So if you’re trying to revive your lifeless locks, start by revising your hair products’ ingredient list. 

The biggest no-go ingredients include alcohols that have “prop” in their name (Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol) as well as synthetic fragrance. 

Their harsh components may irritate your scalp and hair follicles, resulting in dull brittle strands.  

To protect your hair from overdrying, Suntouched hair lightening products use Hyaluronic Acid and glycerin, keeping your strands hydrated and manageable.

No bleach, no problem 

Consider giving up salon-grade bleaching and say no to box dyes 

A salon visit can be such a treat! 

Sure, it feels nice to have a professional do their magic and create a striking, polished look. 

But if you have dry hair, you know that that feeling only lasts until your next wash when you have to deal with the consequences of harsh salon treatments.  

The reason bleach is so drying is that it doesn’t just cover your natural hair with a pigment –

Rather, it goes inside each hair shaft literally breaking down your hair’s natural hue from the root so you can wash it off, which then results in a lighter shade. 

In that process, together with your hair color, bleach also breaks down the fatty acids responsible for your hair’s moisture, which – you guessed it – causes your already dehydrated locks to become even drier.   

The good news is that there are gentler natural alternatives like lemon juice, camomile, apple cider vinegar, and raw honey that can help you achieve a lighter shade. 

And to make sure those don’t overdry your hair, always follow up any lightening process with a rich nourishing conditioner.  

The cooler the better

Minimize the use of heat

Curly girls already know this –

Heat is super damaging to your naturally dry hair. 

So if you regularly see steam coming off your hair as you use a straightener or hair dryer, it’s your sign to reconsider your routine. 

Exposing your hair to high heat after every wash changes your hair’s keratin structure, stripping your hair of oh-so-important moisture and inevitably leading to frizz, flyaways, and split ends.

That said, however, according to a study done by a group of Korean researchers, air-drying can also be damaging. 

Turns out, if you wash or wet your hair daily, that leads to this constant process of swelling and de-swelling of the inner hair cell membrane causing strands to become weak, dry, and less elastic.

So the key is to use low heat in a continuous motion and remember to apply a moisturizing leave-in. 

Suntouched hair lightening products are designed to be activated in the sun or by applying low heat to minimize overdrying and damage.

Let’s get deep

Deep condition your hair 

Using a conditioner and a leave-in is sure helpful in keeping your naturally dry hair elastic and more manageable. 

But to ensure long-term sustainable hydration, your dry locks need to go a step further.   

In case you’re new to this, deep conditioning is a process when you use a rich moisturizing treatment, cover your hair with a bonnet or towel and leave the product in for 30-40 minutes while continuously applying heat. 

Using heat allows the product to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, delivering hydrating and smoothing benefits.

To do this, you can, of course, go to a salon, but it’s also quite easy to perform the treatment at home – 

Apply heat by using a hair dryer, chilling out in the sun, or even exercising, then leave the conditioning product in for half an hour or even overnight. 

Do this at least once a week and you’re sure to see great results.

Caring for naturally dry hair can be difficult and frustrating at first. The key to keeping dry hair healthy and manageable long-term is developing a routine – the one you can commit to implementing regularly whether at home or traveling and regardless of your current budget.

All Suntouched products are formulated with gentle ingredients that care for your hair and work to keep it hydrated and healthy. Find the best products for you by taking our quick Hair Quiz.