Plastic neutral, for the love of the ocean Suntouched is partnering with Clean Hub

Plastic neutral, for the love of the ocean Suntouched is partnering with Clean Hub
From the very beginning, the ocean has been at the heart of our brand story.
When we started Suntouched, we wanted to pay homage to the sandy salty beach hair and share the worry-free nomadic beach lifestyle with anyone regardless of how far from the ocean they lived. That said, we also knew that we wanted to create a brand with an impact, not just launch another beauty product.
That together brought us to create our definition of impact – helping conserve the ocean – woven into our brand and guiding all of our business decisions.
From the years of living by the beach, we knew one of the biggest problems for the ocean was plastic pollution so we began looking for ways to combat that.
That’s when we came across Clean Hub.
Clean Hub is a network of highly vetted waste collector hubs that collect and ensure safe processing of non-recyclable plastic in high-impact coastal regions. They operate mainly in South East Asia which is the gateway for more than 80% of all plastic that enters our oceans

Aside from their non-preachy yet unfeigned love for the ocean that comes through in their story and takes shape in their actions, there were a few other reasons why we chose Clean Hub over others.


1.Uncompromising Vetting Process 

Clean Hub makes the vetting part of their process a priority, only partnering with those collector hubs they can fully trust. The proof is in how close-knit their community of waste collectors is, amounting to only seven trusted partners. 

We loved the level of transparency Clean Hub provides when it comes to their collector hubs. They openly share their stories and impact numbers, which made it easy to decide which one we wanted to support. 

While we were touched by each of those stories, after careful consideration, we decided to partner with vRecycle based in Goa, India.

We were impressed that as of today, they’ve collected 74,781 kg of waste on the shores of Goa, an amount equivalent to 7,478,072 plastic bottles (0.5l).

We also chose vRecycle because we were inspired by how they go a step further by also building composters and community recycling points in the area, as well as sharing knowledge to empower local households to become self-sufficient. To us, that shows a real passion for and commitment to the cause, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them. 

2.Easy to get started

Partnering with Clean Hub essentially happens in three steps. 

First, you set your collection target, whether it be collecting plastic for every sale or neutralizing your footprint. Second, you start making your contributions. And finally, you get to witness your progress using a verified tracker. 

And it’s not just any kind of tracker. Clean Hub has gone the extra mile to develop a technology that allows their Hubs to track and trace the entire collection process, so they can verify every piece of plastic collected and where it ends up.

Besides, before you even partner with them, they make it easy for you to learn about your business’ plastic footprint and better understand your motivation to start contributing. 

This level of transparency and Clean Hub’s straightforward process made our decision to partner with them a no-brainer.  

3.They go an extra mile

For Clean Hub, it’s not only about collecting plastic waste. 

They understand the importance of running their operations according to the appropriate cultural context, not just bringing the rules that’d work in Europe or elsewhere. 

On top of that, their local staff regularly visit the sites, and, using their market position, they enforce better working conditions for local workers. Plus, since the Hubs are paid on volumes, that opens up new revenue streams and incentives.

In the context of waste management, they don’t stop at just collecting plastic. Once collected, recyclable goods are sold for local recycling and non-recyclables are sent for co-processing. 



4.We get to become part of an amazing community

When we partner with Clean Hub, we become part of a global community of 100+ brands, including Frank Body, Noughty, and Vuori, that have committed to cleaning up plastic waste from the ocean. 

So far, thanks to the support of the business community around the world, Clean Hub collector hubs have been able to clean 1,472,885 kg of plastic waste, and we’re proud to be part of this movement. 

“Responsible brands work with us to fund the collection of plastic for every product they sell. And when individuals choose these brands, they are doing their part to keep our oceans clean.” - Clean Hub

We’ll officially partner with Clean Hub starting June 30th, with a commitment to pick up one bottle of plastic from the ocean for each bottle of Suntouched sold, so we can offset our carbon footprint and become plastic neutral. To follow our progress live, check out our impact tracker