5 Tips For Beautiful, Healthy, Natural Beach Blonde Summer Hair Year-Round

5 Tips For Beautiful, Healthy, Natural Beach Blonde Summer Hair Year-Round
  • 1. Limit hair washing as much as possible
  • Ride out that initial wave of greasiness, let your hair restore its natural oil balance & voilà: low-maintenance, shiny, healthy, natural hair.
  • 2. Use gentle & safe hair lightening products.
  • Our Suntouched Hair Lightener was designed to reach beautiful sunkissed highlights without breaking the bank or your hair health.
  • 3. Apply argan oil to your locks whenever they’re looking dry or dull.
  • Also known as liquid gold, this oil is a true gift and works well with all hair types. Not only does it hydrate & enrich your hair, it also protects hair against UV damage. Pairs perfectly post-Suntouched usage.
  • 4. Explore non-heat styling methods.
  • Give your hair a break from the hair curling or straightening iron. Idea: sleep with your hair in a braid for natural, beachy looking curls, or simply rock your natural hair.
  • 5. Make your colour last by adding a purple shampoo into your routine.
  • If your locks change colour over time to a more brassy look, no sweat - you can get your desired colour back with the help of purple shampoo.

The new way to go lighter

The whole idea behind Suntouched is to create an affordable & safe alternative for those wanting to go lighter, without breaking the bank (or your hair!). Girls shouldn’t have to pay $200 or spray harmful chemicals in their hair just to go a few shades lighter. Looking for a better solution, our founder Charlotte St-Germain decided to create the exact Hair Lightener she'd want in her beach bag.
Our Suntouched Hair Lightener easily, safely & beautifully lightens hair for natural-looking beachy highlights. Our formula was consciously made: vegan, cruelty-free & free of any harsh ingredients, such as bleach or alcohol. It is formulated to react with heat & to amplify the natural highlighting effects of the sun to gradually lighten and brighten our locks.
Suntouched was made for the environmentally conscious girls. We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we donate part of our profits to preserve our world's oceans by supporting Seaspiracy in their important mission. We also never test on animals.
“By far, this is the best hair lightener I’ve ever tried. It works subtly, gradually and builds up to such a natural, gorgeous blonde colour. It leaves my hair strong, shiny, healthy. Suntouched is an absolute game changer.” - Beatrice

How to use: 3 simple steps

  • 1. Spray generously on damp or wet hair.
  • 2. Expose hair directly in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes or around 2-3 hours for optimal results. Alternatively, use a blow-dryer on low heat for 3-4 minutes.
  • 3. Rinse & condition afterward. Lightening results are permanent.