Move Beyond The Salon

Bring your most authentic self to light with clean, conscious hair care.

Reclaim Your Hours

Salon visits can mean long hours in a chair, inhaling toxic fumes and watching the clock tick away precious moments.

Reclaim your time with Suntouched. A quick 10-second spray gives you a fabulous hair day, every day, in any season.

Take back that hour each month, every year, and imagine:

  • What You Could Achieve in 12 Hours
    • Reach new heights at work (and secure that dream promotion)
    • Deepen friendships and relationships
    • Establish the sleep schedule that nurtures your body (finally!)
  • Who You Could Meet in 12 Hours
    • Make lifelong friends
    • Form valuable career connections
    • Find a life or career mentor
  • Where You Could Go in 12 Hours
    • Escape into nature
    • Explore a bustling city
    • Visit family and friends
    • Go to the new restaurant you’ve been dying to try
  • What You Could Do in 12 Hours
    • Complete the project that sky-rockets your career
    • Volunteer to reduce your footprint and connect to the community
    • Learn a new skill or hobby
    • Meditate to calm and reset
    • Workout to strengthen and center your body

Perfectly Blended: Enhanced Natural Results With No Patches

Freedom of Speed & Sections

Enjoy subtle, gradual enhancements with a daily spritz that keeps you looking like *you*. Say goodbye to patchiness and embrace the freedom to choose more prominent sections.

A Step Ahead of Roots

Easily lighten your emerging roots to blend seamlessly with your enhanced look.

Gentle on Hair

Formulated with care for nourished hair – no toxic, harsh, or drying chemicals.


Simply spritz and move on to your next adventure.