Q: How does Suntouched work?

A: Our Suntouched Hair Lightener is formulated to react with heat & to amplify the natural highlighting effects of the sun to gradually lighten and brighten our hair for beautiful, natural & sunkissed highlights.

Q: How long should I stay out in the sun with Suntouched in my hair?

A: For sun-streaked highlights, expose hair directly in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes, or around 2-3 hours for optimal results.

Q: Does Suntouched work on dark hair? 

A: Our Hair Lightener works for all hair types. For darker hair, we suggest trying it on a random piece of hair first to see if you like the result. Depending on how dark your hair is, it could start to pull a brassy tint at first, but with continual use, golden tones will emerge. 

Q: Is it better to apply Suntouched to dry or wet hair?

A: We recommend spraying it on damp or wet hair.

Q: How many times do I need to use it to see results?

A: It varies depending on how much heat you use, but you will see noticeable results after the first use. It will become gradually lighter with each use, so keep using Suntouched to get to the level of blonde you want.

Q: Does it work on a cloudy day?

A: Yes it does, since the formula reacts with heat!

Q: What if there’s no sun or heat where I live?

A: Good news! This is why we say that Suntouched is for sunkissed highlights year-round: you can use a blow-dryer on low heat for 3-4 minutes to achieve golden, beachy locks from the comfort of your home.

Q: Can I use Suntouched on dyed or bleached hair?

A: Yes, Suntouched Hair Lightener also works on dyed hair by lifting the pigment of the hair dye resulting in lighter hues.

Q: Can I leave Suntouched overnight?

A: Yes, if you want to make the most out of each usage, you can leave it overnight for maximum results. Avoid breakage and over-drying by limiting use to no more than once between hair washes.

Q: Is Suntouched safe? Will it damage my hair?

A: Suntouched is completely safe to use. We’ve made sure to develop our formula to be free of any harsh ingredients, such as bleach or alcohol. To reduce the possibility of over-drying or breakage, limit usage to no more than once between hair washes, and make sure to rinse & condition after using.

Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Yes, results are permanent since Suntouched works in the hair cortex, the innermost part of the hair that holds the pigment that gives hair its color. Since it lightens your hair gradually, you can achieve your desired level of blondness by using it as many times as you want.

Q: Does Suntouched work on gray hairs? 

A: Since your gray hair is already without pigment, you can't really make it any lighter, so the only visible difference is going to be with the hair that is still darker.

Q: How light will it make my hair? 

A: Our formula gradually lightens the natural pigments in your hair. How fast you see the results depends on how much heat you apply. The beauty of its gradual process is that you can control how much lighter you want to go by deciding how many uses you apply the formula. And the best part - it's permanent.